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Artificial Grass Memphis Tennessee
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S Blade 53 Green on Green

High Quality Artificial Turf Artificial Grass Memphis Tennessee
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About S Blade 53 Green on Green

S Blade 53 Green on Green is so-called because: Natural grass is green because it contains a molecule called chlorophyll. With an artificial grass it is important to create a proper angle for sunlight to reflect in a manner similar to natural grass, that is, without the mirroring effect. While flat blades reflect the entire spectrum of light, making the grass sometimes appear white and artificial, S-shape diffuses refraction, texture and color. With blades textured in our S-shape, your lawn will look realistic even on sunny days.

With a pile height of 1 3/8" and Face Weight 53 oz.yd2, S Blade 53 Green on Green is ideal for pet areas, playgrounds, landscape. The combination of Emerald Green and Olive Green colors with Green thatching looks natural and realistic.

S Blade 53 Green on Green is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to the old playground surfaces. Often installed in public park’s playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, it can help to reduce a risk of injuries, and to provide safe and beautifully looking environment for children to enjoy while ensuring low maintenance cost.

An artificial grass has never looked so real.

Turn your lawn into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat and forget about monthly maintenance fees for the next twenty years. Eco-friendly and certified by independent laboratories, S Blade 53 Green on Green can withstand a rough wear, tear and extreme weather conditions with 20 years of projected life expediency.

S Blade 53 Green on Green is ideal for commercial and residential landscapes. If you desire to have a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking lawn to be proud of and to eliminate monthly lawn maintenance expenses, GST S Blade 53 Green on Green artificial grass is the answer.

There are many reasons, why S Blade 53 Green on Green synthetic grass is loved by homeowners. One of them is safety. If you have children, you want them to stay protected while enjoying benefits of a fresh air and a sun light. No more nasty splinters, or head injuries. Installing S Blade 53 Green on Green artificial grass significantly improves the safety of your outdoor environment.

Color: Emerald Green and Olive Green with Green thatching
Manufacturer: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
Brand: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
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color Emerald Green and Olive Green with Green thatching
pile height 1 3/8"
turf gauge 1/2"
face weight 53 oz.yd2
backing weight 20 oz.yd2
total weight 73 oz.yd2
stitch rate 13/10 cm
stitches/m2 10270
Roll Size (feet) 15' x 100', 15' x 75'



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